Could you be selling more films and TV programs to family viewers?

The ClearPlay Family Viewing System can help, and here's how...

What does it do?

ClearPlay® is the unique, easy-to-use home entertainment software system that enables families to screen out offensive content such as violence, sex and bad language when they watch videos and TV programs.

The software is easily implemented in set-top boxes or OTT devices and ClearPlay Video Filter Menus are easy for your subscribers to use.

How can it help?

ClearPlay enables video service providers to offer family-friendly films and TV programs to their subscribers as a premium service. Its unique Filtering System allows families to screen out offensive content during playout, such as violence, sex and bad language.

* In a survey among households with children, over 80% showed interest in the ClearPlay Family Viewing System.

In countries where censorship is severe, the ClearPlay Video Filtering System enables service providers to offer a much larger library of films and TV programs that can be viewed by families using the ClearPlay Family Viewing System.

How it works

Subscribers can choose the ClearPlay Filter™ setting to suit their personal tastes. It will then automatically skip and mute potentially offensive scenes and words while retaining their artistic integrity. For example, an 8 year old could view a film originally rated 15, depending upon the parents' choice of ClearPlay Filtering settings.

ClearPlay is available on multiple platforms - including VOD, Video Streaming - and can be used on a range of devices - PCs, televisions, set-top-boxes and mobile devices. So, families can watch more films and Video Service Providers can earn more revenues while avoiding costly re-editing.

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